Next event: 3DBODY.TECH 2024, Lugano, Switzerland, 22-23 Oct. 2024


The proceedings of the conference (ISBN 978-3-033-02714-5) are available as hard copy (413 pages) and/or cd-rom. The cost of the proceedings is 150CHF.
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The contents of the book can be downloaded as PDF file.


Conference topics

The technical program will consist of oral presentations, poster presentations and live demonstrations in, but not limited to, the following technical areas:

- Active 3D body scanning technologies (laser scanning, white-light scanning)

- Passive scanning methods (photogrammetry, visual-hull)

- Portable and hand-held scanning devices

- Body scanning systems for the apparel and fashion sector

- Applications in medical sciences (forensics, plastic surgery, dentistry)

- Custom footwear and orthopedics

- Anthropometric studies , measurement campaigns, fitting mannequins

- Biometrics and applications in security

- Applications in sport, health and fitness

- Human body modeling, animation and simulation

- Virtual life, games and entertainment

- 3D body scanning for arts and sculpture

Technical program

The conference is structured in 14 technical sessions with about 60 oral presentations, covering the various relevant sectors of 3D body scanning. Three keynote presentations will be held for the three main sectors: apparel, medicine, anthropometry.

The program of the conference is available as PDF file: 3DBody2010 Program.

3DBody2010 Program

Opening session

The first technical speech of the conference will be held at the opening session by Sarah Margerum of the Anthropometry and Biomechanics Facility of NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston (USA).
NASA's Anthropometric and Biomechanics Facility (ABF) has shifted from using traditional linear anthropometry to exploring the capabilities of 3D scanning to provide volumetric anthropometric solutions for design. The key goals are to improve the human-system performance and develop new processes to aid in the design and evaluation of space systems. Four case studies will be presented that illustrate the improvement of human interfaces in space by using 3D body scanning technologies, in particular, regarding spacesuit, helmet and seats.

Keynote Presentation for the textile&fashion session

Ran Machtinger is the president and CEO of OptiTex Ltd. (Israel). Mr. Machtinger founded OptiTex Ltd in 1988 and he has taken the firm to its current status as the CAD leader in the cut-fabrics industries, evolving revolutionary technologies that are being implemented by major designers, manufacturer and educational institutions worldwide.
The keynote speech will regard a few customers' case studies where joint implementations of OptiTex Virtual-Try-On solutions and 3D full body scanners from [TC]² and Human-Solutions are being used.

Keynote Speaker for the anthropometry session

Jean-Marc Surville is an industrial engineer at LECTRA (France). He has participated at various national and international projects on 3D body scanning. He has a large practical experience in the treatment and processing of 3D scan data for the extraction of anthropometric information.
His keynote speech at the conference will regard the processing of 3D body scan data in different postures and the treatment of 3D scan data for the classification of the body shape into H.O.A.X.Y classes.

Keynote Speaker for the medical session

PD. Dr Laszlo Kovacs from the Department of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery of the Technical University Müunchen in Germany initiated the research group Computer Aided Plastic Surgery (CAPS). The scientific focus of CAPS evaluates innovative technologies for the 3-D assessment, digitalization and visualisation of the human body surface and soft tissues to implement computer aided surgery (CAS) into the field of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.
His keynote speech at the conference will ragard the use of 3-D surface imaging technologies in facial plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic surgery and in computer assisted breast surgery.

World premieres

We are pleased to announce that 3dMD, [TC]² XYZ RGB and OptiTex will present world premieres at the conference.

3dMD (USA) will present the new 3dMDbody System.
With the ability to capture four (4) human subjects per minute and no operator intervention for model assembly and/or data clean up, the next generation of 3D body scanners is now ready for high-throughput environments. The pre-delivery trials of the new 3dMDbody System will be shown, demonstrating how 3dMD has applied its proven ultra-fast speed, modular approach for healthcare to 3D anatomical scanning of the full body for size and fit application.
[TC]² (USA) will be introducing its Scan at Home application.
In the near future, this application will enable consumers to create good quality 3D avatars and measurements alone without the use of a 3D body scanner and without issues of taking manual measurements.
XYZ RGB (Canada) will present and demonstrate its new Scanner Killer technology.
With one or two digital SLR camera(s) anyone can now create high resolution, high accuracy, texture rich, UV referenced, 3D quality scan data in just 4 easy-to-follow steps: calibrate your camera(s) - photograph your subject - upload you files - extract your 3D data.
President and CEO of OptiTex Ltd. (Israel), Ran Machtinger, will unveil OptiTex's new web-based virtual fit services at his keynote speech, entitled Perfect garment fitting using 3D Body Scanning.


The following institutions, universities, private companies and organizations are participating actively at the conference with presentations (preliminary list):


CAPS TU München

Cornell University


University of
Valladolid (Spain)

Space Vision



Systems (Canada)

Select Research


Politecnico di Bari

Universidad Polit.
de Valencia (Spain)


Izmir University of
Economics (Turkey)

Virtopsy, University
of Bern (Switzerland)




Hometrica Consulting

CAD Modelling
Ergonomics (Italy)

Canton Ticino

Selcuk University

University of
Verona (Italy)

University Erlangen-
Nuremberg (Germany)

U.S. Army Natick
Soldier Center (USA)

University of
Brescia (Italy)

Beijing Institute of
Fashion Technology (China)


4D Dynamics

Oxylane Research

University of
Ljubljana (Slovenia)

University of Rom
La Sapienza (Italy)

UCS Tech


London College
of Fashion (UK)


Univ. du Québec à
Montréal (Canada)

Univ. de los
Andes (Colombia)


Telecom Lille 1 (France)

Montréal (Canada)

University (USA)

Politecnico di
Torino (Italy)

Riga Technical
University (Latvia)



Human Solutions

Artec Group

3D-Shape GmbH
International Conference on 3D BODY SCANNING TECHNOLOGIES, Lugano, Switzerland, 19-20 October 2010