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The technical exhibition takes place in parallel to the conference and is accessible to attendees of the conference and external visitors (at low registration fees).
Manufacturers, developers and institutions demonstrate live 3D body scanning systems, software solutions and applications. The visitors of the exhibition have the possibility to test live the systems and to meet and discuss directly with the exhibitors.

Please note that registration is required for external visitors of the exhibition. Information about registration and fees is available here.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The following companies and organizations are participanting at the technical exhibition and/or sponsoring the conference.

3dMD LLC (USA) is the world leader in 3D body scanning for medical applications, with well more than 1,400 3D cameras worldwide. The ultra-fast high-precision 3D surface imaging devices and the application software will be demonstrated at the conference exhibition.     TechMed 3D (Canada) is an high tech company specializing in body measurement technologies and digital imaging solutions adapted to the orthotics, prosthetics and custom equipment market. Various 3D surface imaging devices and application software will be demonstrated at the conference exhibition.

Human Solutions
VITRONIC GmbH (Germany), a world leading organization in the field of machine vision, is developer and manufacturer of body scanning systems employed by Human Solutions. At the exhibition, VITRONIC will demonstrate its 3D full body scanner VITUS.     Human Solutions GmbH (Germany) is a world market leader for body scanning and ergonomics simulation. Systems from Human Solutions are used by more than 300 companies worldwide. Human Solutions will jointly participate at the exhibition with VITRONIC.

SpaceVision Inc. (Japan) is a leading manufacturer of innovative 3D imaging solutions used in various application fields. At the exhibition of the conference, SpaceVision will demonstrate world's smallest, lightest and fastest 3D body scanner.     4D View Solutions (France) provides complete hardware and software platforms for the capture of photorealistic videos in 3D. The systems enable to film a dynamic scene and output a photorealistic 3D video of the filmed subject for real-time or offline analysis and applications.

TELMAT Industrie
Cad Modelling
TELMAT Industrie SA (France) is a world leader in 3D body scanning and automated body measurement. The high-speed 3D digitization process SYMCAD has enabled to scan and measure more than 800'000 individuals nowadays. SYMCAD 3D body scanner will be presented at the exhibition.     CAD Modelling Ergonomics Srl (Italy) produces tailor dummies, fit mannequins and anthropometric fashion dummies for fitting control and the portable 3D full body scanning system Body-ScanFit.

Poikos Ltd (UK) has developed the core technology of FlixFit. FlixFit is a body measurement solution for E-commerce which uses ordinary inexpensive webcams, tablets, and smartphones. This enables a quick and simple way for users to find out their size, and make more informed choices about the clothes that they buy.    

Right Shoes
corpus.e AG (Germany) designs 3D imaging and 3D scanning systems. At the conference exhibition, corpus.e will demonstrate its 3D foot scanning and measurement system lightbeam, based on the patented MagicalSkin technology.     UTD - Unique Trend Developments SA (Switzerland) has developed Right Shoes, an online assistant that can suggest the right size to choose during shoes on-line shopping on websites of footwear manufacturers, brands and e-commerces. Right Shoes will be demonstrated at the conference exhibition.
Elinvision UAB (Lithuania) designs and produces measuring and control devices, machine vision systems, 3D laser scanners, digital dental cameras and software. At the conference exhibition, Elinvision will demonstrate its 3D foot scanner.     UCS d.o.o. (Slovenia) has been established to offer footwear manufacturing and retail companies sophisticated solutions for providing the best fitting footwear to their customers. At conference exhibition will be presented jointly with Elinvision the new best fit shoe selection scanner.

Lectra SA (France) is the world leader in integrated technology solutions (software, CAD/CAM hardware, services) for industries using textiles to manufacture their products. Lectra will demonstrate Modaris V7, the apparel pattern-making and grading software solution with fully-integrated 3D virtual prototyping technology.     Tukatech Inc. (USA) provides pattern making, grading and marker making software, 3D apparel prototyping systems and manufacturing equipment. It also provides Styku, the webs only virtual fitting room that truly simulates fit in 3D, developed for on-line apparel sales.

Information for exhibitors and sponsors

The conference with its parallel exhibition is the world leading technical platform dedicated to the specific fields of 3D human body scanning technologies, 3D human body measurement methods and applications. Private companies, research/educational institutions or individuals are welcomed to participate at the technical exhibition or to become sponsors/supporters of the conference.

Four good reasons to join the exhibition or to become sponsor:

Raise awareness of your products and services through direct access to professionals active in the specific sector of 3D body scanning.

Create and enhance successful business opportunities by meeting colleagues, users, developers, researchers, experts, industry players and decision makers from around the world.

Get updated with the latest research and industry developments in the sector in order to adapt your marketing strategies

Ensure the presence of your company at an international event with a significant annual contribution to the enhanced growth of this sector.

Please note that the technical exhibition can be visited also by external public at low registration fees. The number of visitors is expected thus to grow substantially this year and thus the befefits for sponsors and exhibitors will increase.

The opportunities for exhibitors and sponsors at the conference are very appealing and affordable. The different levels and benefits are described in the following document: PDF file.

For registering as exhibitor and/or sponsor at the conference please download the exhibitor/sponsor registration form: 3dbody2012_exsp_form.doc.

Send the filled form to the conference office by e-mail: info@3dbodyscanning.org.

For details and further inquiries, please contact the conference office.

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on 3D BODY SCANNING TECHNOLOGIES, Lugano, Switzerland, 16-17 October 2012