Exhibitors and Sponsors

Next event: 3DBODY.TECH 2024, Lugano, Switzerland, 22-23 Oct. 2024

The following companies and organizations are participanting at the technical exhibition of the conference and/or sponsoring the conference.

Note: list of so-far confirmed exhibitors and sponsors, updated continously.

VIRTUAL Exhibitors & Sponsors

Quantum Matrix

Quantum Matrix (Hong Kong) provides World's leading automated creation system of virtual human. The patented QHuman technology is a 100% automated scan-to-avatar technology which provides 1-click automatic retopology and rigging from scan mesh. Quantum Matrix's other patented Q-Fit technology is the World's only real-time auto-fit cloth system for retail which generates 3D animation with cloth simulation, user interactivity and style.


Size Stream

Size Stream (USA) is the leader in 3D body data and scanning solutions for the apparel, health, and fitness industries. With hundreds of customers throughout the globe, Size Stream is one of the most widely implemented platforms for acquiring accurate and affordable 3D body data. Size Stream brings over 100 years of combined experience in 3D body scanning, fashion design, and technology development to their valued customers.



The Instituto de Biomecánica IBV (Spain) supports innovative business models based on user anthropometry, by using advanced 3D data treatment tools (accurate and automated creation of 3D body avatars from 3D raw scans, 2D pictures or 1D measurements; 3D databases harmonisation tools, virtual measuring tape or shape analysis tools) and smartphone 3D scanning technologies.



The IEEE-SA (USA) is a leading consensus building organization that nurtures, develops and advances global technologies. IEEE standards drive the functionality, capabilities and interoperability of a wide range of products and services that transform the way people live, work and communicate, including IEEE's Industry Connections program on 3D Body Processing.



Meshcapade (Germany) is creating realistic human avatars to recover detailed human attributes such as bodies, faces, hands and soft-tissue movements from 3D&4D scans, RGB-D sequences, motion capture and image data. Using machine learning and advanced graphics, the nuances of how humans look and move are modeled. Meshcapade is pushing to bring realistic human models to life in everyday environments.



3dMD (USA/UK), a proven leader in 3D high-precision anatomical scanning, will be demonstrating workflow efficiencies with its latest temporal-3D (4D) capture systems. 3dMD sequences of high-quality motion images of the full body, head, foot, and/or hand help promote and advance the creation of new wearable technologies that precisely adapt to a person's shape and enhance performance.



Since 2013, botspot (Germany) develops and builds 3D scanners "Made in Germany". The scanning technology utilizes photogrammetry that enables contactless, rapid and completely safe scanning. Objects of every size and every shape are scanned in just 0,01 seconds, the digital 3D replica appears as ultra precise data with highly colorfast texturing. Individual complete scanning solutions within every scope of application are also realized in the special botspot R&D department.


Calibri 3D

Calibry 3D (Germany/Russia) is the manufacturer of hand-held 3D scanners based out of Moscow, Russia and Dusseldorf, Germany. The company’s products are distinct for their ability to digitize historically difficult-to-capture objects such as black and shiny items, as well as sharp edges. Two scanners are in the company's portfolio: Calibry 3D scanner meant for medium objects and Calibry Mini 3D scanner meant for small objects; both scanners are lightweight, accurate and affordable.


Shape Analysis

Shape Analysis (UK) is the exclusive worldwide distributor of the CAESAR 3-D Anthropometric Database. The company has extensive experience in the development and use of 3D capture systems. Services of Shape Analysis have been used for the National Sizing Survey SizeUK, ShapeGB and for many other companies involved in apparel, health, fitness, sportswear, medical applications.


Hometrica Consulting - Dr. Nicola D'Apuzzo

Hometrica Consulting - Dr. Nicola D'Apuzzo (Switzerland) is organizing the series of 3DBODY.TECH Conference & Expo. Hometrica Consulting is a leading international consulting firm in the sectors of 3D human body scanning and processing technologies.


Information for exhibitors and sponsors

The conference with its parallel exhibition is the world leading technical platform dedicated to the specific fields of 3D human body scanning, measurement and processing technologies, methods and applications. Private corporations and organizations, research and educational institutions, individuals firms are welcomed to participate at the technical exhibition or to become sponsors of the conference.

Four reasons to participate at the exhibition or to become sponsor:

  • Raise awareness of your products and services through direct access to professionals active in the specific sector of 3D body scanning & processing.
  • Create and enhance successful business opportunities by meeting colleagues, users, developers, researchers, experts, industry players and decision makers from around the world.
  • Get updated with the latest research and industry developments in the sector in order to adapt your marketing strategies.
  • Ensure the presence of your company at an international event with a significant annual contribution to the enhanced growth of this sector.

3DBODY.TECH 2020 facts

  • World's largest meeting entirely dedicated to 3D body scanning and processing technologies
  • Multidisciplinary conference and exhibition with focus on various application sectors
  • Full online event allowing networking between all attendees, speakers, exhibitors
  • Online conference platform open 24h during the event and fully active for 30 days after the event
  • Highly profiled and highly motivated international participants (paying registration fees)
  • Conference proceedings with ISBN, papers with DOIs and recorded presentations

Levels and benefits for exhibitors and sponsors

The following levels are available for exhibitors and/or sponsors:

VIRTUAL exhibitor and sponsor:

  • virtual exhibition booth (logo, information, contact, list of representatives, 1 video, documents)
  • 1 online/virtual registration with full access to the online conference platform (all live streams, all pre-recorded contents, all group discussions, networking tools)
  • networking opportunities with messaging, chatting, 1-to-1 video calls
  • online presentation at a technical session (FCFS, upon availability in the program)
  • 1 scheduled live-stream session (e.g. for demonstrations), self-managed
  • logo, link and short description on conference website and program
  • 1150 CHF basic fees, with virtual booth, 1 online/virtual registration included
  • 500 CHF for each additional online/virtual registration

BRONZE sponsor:

  • virtual exhibition booth (logo, information, contact, 1 video, documents)
  • logo, link and short description on conference website and program
  • 650 CHF basic fees, with virtual booth

Registration as exhibitor and/or sponsor

For registering as exhibitor and/or sponsor please download the exhibitor/sponsor registration form:

Please send the filled form by e-mail to the conference office: info@3dbody.tech.

Note: anti-spam filters are sometimes rejecting legitimate e-mails. If we do not reply within 3 business days or if you receive a delivery failure notice, please use our alternative e-mail address: 3dbodytech@gmail.com.

Instructions and information for exhibitors

Information and guide for exhibitors: 3dbody2020_instructionsforexhibitors (PDF)
Detailed guide for speakers and session chairs: 3dbody2020_instructionsforspeakers (PDF)
Overview of the online conference platform: 3dbody2020_overviewplatform (PDF)

Audio/video consent and release form

Presentations at the conference will be stored, recorded and/or web streamed. Presenters/speakers have therefore to submit a signed consent and release form.
Please download the form PDF file, fill it, sign it and send it to the conference office at info@3dbody.tech.

Additional documentation

Call for registrations: 3dbody2020_callforregistrations (PDF, 1.8MB).
Preliminary list of already registered attendees: attendees.

List of attendees of last year, 3DBODY.TECH2019: attendees 2019.

Visual documentation:
3DBODY.TECH 2019 - Video (short version): 2 min. video
3DBODY.TECH 2019 - Video (long version): 4 min. video
3DBODY.TECH 2019 - Conference Director Presentation: 1 min. video
3DBODY.TECH 2019 - Sessions: Album with 159 photos
3DBODY.TECH 2019 - Exhibition: Album with 100 photos
3DBODY.TECH 2019 - Foyer: Album with 119 photos
Note: full resolution photos available upon request

For details and further inquiries, please contact the conference office.

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