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March 13 - Workshop canceled

We regret to announce that it has now been decided to cancel the workshop due to the terrible tragedy occurred in Japan.
Our thoughts are with all those affected by the earthquake and devastating tsunami.

If you are interested in 3D body scanning technologies, we suggest you to attend the 2nd international conference to be held on October 25-26 in Lugano, Switzerland.
More information at

February 24 - Access Map

Information, maps and a detailed description about the access to the workshop venue are included in the following document: access map (pdf file 1MB).

February 21 - New Sponsor

VITRONIC Dr.-Ing.Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH (Germany) joined the workshop's sponsorship program.


VITRONIC is one of the leading organizations worldwide in the field of machine vision. VITRONIC is also developer and manufacturer of body scanning systems employed by Human-Solutions GmbH. At the workshop exhibition, VITRONIC will demonstrate its 3D full body scanner VITUS.

February 17 - New exhibitor

Nihon Unisys Ltd. (Japan) will participate at the workshop exhibition.


Nihon Unisys, a leading IT service company, offers the interactive solution 3D Body Smart Navigation which allows to visualize and simulate the personal 3D body figure, without the need of 3D body scanners, by providing three sizes, height, weight and age. This solution will be demonstrated at the exhibition.

February 16 - New exhibitor

TOPCON Corporation (Japan) will participate at the workshop exhibition.


TOPCON is a world leader in positioning equipment (surveying instruments, GPS, machine control system, 3D measurement, precision agriculture, mobile control) and eye care instruments (ophthalmic instruments, optometric instruments). At the exhibition, TOPCON will demonstrate a 3D body scanning system based on photogrammetric techniques, with instant data acquisition and ability to acquire surface and texture.

February 9 - Call for registrations

The call for registrations is available as PDF file.
Please note that registration on site will not be possible, every participant has to register in advance until April 11, by filling the registration form available here.

February 8 - Preliminary program

The detailed preliminary program of the workshop is available.

Preliminary Program

The program of the workshop consists, during two full days, of an opening session, seven technical sessions, one poster session and a closing session with discussion.
The preliminary program of the workshop is available as PDF file.

February 1 - New Sponsor

[TC]² - Textile/Clothing Technology Corp. (USA) joined the workshop's sponsorship program.


[TC]² and its associated brand, ImageTwin, are the world leaders in 3D body scanning hardware and software. [TC]² provides 3D body scanning solutions in apparel, virtual fashion, health/fitness, medical, gaming, and online virtual worlds applications.

January 27 - New Sponsor

Human Solutions GmbH (Germany) joined the workshop's sponsorship program.

Human Solutions

Human Solutions is a world market leader for body scanning and ergonomics simulation. Systems from Human Solutions are used by more than 300 companies worldwide. At the workshop exhibition, Human Solutions will demonstrate full body scanning systems.

January 21 - New exhibitor

SpaceVision Inc. (Japan) will participate at the workshop exhibition.


SpaceVision is a leading manufacturer of innovative 3D imaging solutions used in various application fields. The products are based on technology developed at Nagoya Institute of Technology and Keio University, Japan.
At the exhibition of the workshop, SpaceVision will demonstrate world's smallest, lightest and fastest 3D body scanners.

January 18 - New sponsor

Shanghai Yin Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. (China) joined the workshop's sponsorship program.

Yin Group

Shanghai Yin Science & Technology is market leader in Asia for CAM/CAD/CAS systems for cloth, luggage, shoes, hat, automotive, aviation and furniture industries. At the exhibition of the workshop, Shangai Yin Science & Technology will demonstrate the new 3D body scan system YIN HY-Scanner310 developed especially for the garment industry.

January 15 - Preliminary program

The preliminary program of the workshop is defined.
The opening session includes presentations from the organizer, Hometrica Consulting (Switzerland) and from the hosting institute, the Digital Human Research Center (Japan). The rest of the presentations are divided into 8 technical sessions on body scanning for medicine and health, body scanning for apparel, 3D body modeling, body scanning technologies and systems, processing of scan data. Additionally, a special session with discussion is dedicated to validation methods of 3D body scanners.
An outline of the workshop program is available as PDF file.

Program Outline

Januray 5 - Submission of abstracts closed

The number of received abstracts (more than 30) is over the preliminary expectations. The workshop promises therefore to be a successful event with a full program of over 30 oral presentations covering relevant sectors of 3D body scanning, as general anthropometry, face and body scanning for medicine, body and foot scanning for fashion and apparel, body size measurement campaigns and development of 3D body scanning systems.
A preliminary list of institutions, universities, private companies and organizations, participating actively at the workshop with presentations, is available here.

December 29 - New sponsor

Pantomat Ltd. (Hungary) joined the workshop's sponsorship program.


Pantomat offers low cost 3D scanning systems based on passive stereo-photogrammetry. Mr. Lóránt Szabó, CEO and founder of Pantomat, will held a presentation at the workshop.

December 23 - Keynote speaker

Prof. Dr. Chung How Kau is selected as keynote speaker for the medical session.

Chung How Kau is Chair and Professor at the Department of Orthodontics, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA. Prof. Dr. Kau is as an active clinical practioner and researcher with a keen interest in three-dimensional and translational research.
His keynote speach at the conference will be in the area of anthropometric studies, craniofacial anomalies, facial growth and simulation for the virtual face.

December 22 - New sponsor

3dMD LLC (USA) joined the workshop's sponsorship program.


3dMD is the world leader in 3D body scanning for medical applications, with well more than 800 3D cameras worldwide. The ultra-fast high-precision 3D surface imaging devices and the powerful software application software will be demonstrated at the conference exhibition.

December 20 - New sponsor

DataDesign Co. Ltd. (Japan) joined the workshop's sponsorship program.


DataDesign is a solutions provider specialized in 3D CAD/CAM as well as in 3D scanning, 3D data processing and 3D printing. DataDesign is also commercial partner of Artec Group Inc. (USA) and reseller of Artec 3D scanners in Japan. At the workshop exhibition, DataDesign will demonstrate 3D scanning equipment.

December 15 - Registrations open

Registrations to the conference are now open. Please note the discounted prices for registrations before January 15th, 2011. Details and registration form here.

December 11 - New sponsorship policy: exhibition space without additional fees

Premium sponsors can now reserve exhibition space at the workshop for free. No additional fees will be requested for exhibiting and demonstrating products and systems.
For inquiries about sponsorship, please contact the workshop office.

December 10 - Special session on ISO TC159/SC3/WG1 (Ergonomics-Anthropometry)

A special session with discussion on Standards for Validation Methods of 3D Body Scanners will be held at the workshop. The session will be hosted by Dr. Masaaki Mochimaru, chairman of the ISO TC159/SC3 (Ergonomics-Anthropometry and biomechanics).

December 5 - 2nd Announcement

The Second Announcement and Call for Paper is published: PDF file.

3DBodyAsia 2nd Call

December 4 - Extended abstract submission deadline December 31

Upon various requests from private firms, universities and institutions, we have extended the deadline of abstract submission until December 31, 2010.

December 3 - Program outline

An outline of the workshop program is now available: PDF file.

Preliminary Program

November 1 - Main conference in Lugano, Switzerland successfully closed

The Asian Workshop on 3D Body Scanning Technologies is part of the main international conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, which take place every year in October in Lugano. The first event was successfully closed on the evening of 20th October 2010.

Over 210 participants from 30 different countries attended the two days conference in Lugano, Switzerland.

The 14 technical sessions, with 60 technical and scientific presentations, were well attended. The topics discussed regarded: medical scanning systems, medical applications, body scanning systems, body scanning for apparel, digital anthropometry, anthropometric surveys, full body, face and foot scanning, scanning technologies and processing of scan data.

The conference was accompanied by an exhibition where 8 manufactures were presenting and demonstrating their body scanning systems. The major four technologies were represented: laser scanning, white-light scanning, active and passive photogrammetry. The application sectors were also various, from apparel, to medicine, entertainment and others.

Three keynote presentations for the three main application sectors were held: apparel and fashion, medical applications, digital anthropometry. Additionally, four major manufacturers had chosen this conference to present world premieres.

The opening and closing presentations of the organizer Dr. Nicola D'Apuzzo are available to download: opening, closing.

The proceedings of the conference, available as hard copy (409 pages) and cd-rom, can be ordered at the conference office for the cost of 150 CHF.


Some fotos of the conference can be downloaded as zip file (3.9MB).


Hopefully we will have a similar success for the Asian Workshop on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, April 19-20 2011, Tokyo, Japan.

Please note the deadline for abstract submission is November 30:
guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission.

Sponsors are also welcomed to submitt their sponsorship requests to the conference office.

July 27, 2010 - 1st Announcment

The First Announcement and Call for Paper is published: PDF file.

July 26, 2010 - Support

DHRC's director, Masaaki Mochimaru supports actively the workshop.
Masaaki Mochimaru

Masaaki Mochimaru, director of the Digital Human Research Center of AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) in Tokyo, is supporting actively the organization of the workshop.

July 26, 2010 - Venue

AIST Tokyo Waterfront is selected as venue for the workshop.

The workshop will take place at the facilities of AIST Tokyo Waterfront in Odaiba district. Odaiba is one of Tokyo's most interesting tourist spots and the highly popular shopping and entertainment district.

July 26, 2010 - Webiste

The website of the Asian Workshop on 3D Body Scanning Technologies 2011 is online:

Asian Workshop on 3D BODY SCANNING TECHNOLOGIES, Tokyo, Japan, 19-20 April 2011