Sponsors, Supporters and Exhibitors

The workshop has been canceled
We regret to announce that it has been decided to cancel the workshop due to the terrible tragedy occurred in Japan. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the earthquake and devastating tsunami.

Next event: 3DBODY.TECH 2024, Lugano, Switzerland, 22-23 Oct. 2024

The following companies and organizations are sponsoring and/or supporting the workshop

Hometrica Consulting - Dr. Nicola D'Apuzzo     LDHRC
Hometrica Consulting - Dr. Nicola D'Apuzzo (Switzerland) is organizing this workshop. Hometrica Consulting is a leading international consulting firm in the sectors of 3D human body scanning and 3D human body measurement.     Digital Human Research Center (DHRC) of AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) in Tokyo, is supporting the workshop. The facilities of AIST Tokyo Waterfront will host the workshop.
DataDesign Co. Ltd. (Japan) is a solutions provider specialized in 3D CAD/CAM, 3D scanning, 3D data processing and 3D printing. DataDesign is commercial partner of Artec Group Inc. (USA) and will demonstrate Artec's 3D scanning equipment at the workshop exhibition.     3dMD LLC (USA) is the world leader in 3D body scanning for medical applications, with well more than 800 3D cameras worldwide. The ultra-fast high-precision 3D surface imaging devices and the powerful software application software will be demonstrated at the conference exhibition.

Human Solutions
Yin Group
Human Solutions GmbH (Germany) is a world market leader for body scanning and ergonomics simulation. Systems from Human Solutions are used by more than 300 companies worldwide. At the workshop exhibition, Human Solutions will demonstrate full body scanning systems.     Shanghai Yin Science and Technology Co. Ltd. (China) is market leader in Asia for CAM/CAD/CAS systems. At the exhibition of the workshop, will be demonstrated the new 3D body scan system YIN HY-Scanner310 developed especially for the garment industry.

SpaceVision Inc. (Japan) is a leading manufacturer of innovative 3D imaging solutions used in various application fields. At the exhibition of the workshop, SpaceVision will demonstrate world's smallest, lightest and fastest 3D body scanners.     [TC]² Corp. (USA) is a world leader in 3D body scanning hardware and software. [TC]² provides 3D body scanning solutions in apparel, virtual fashion, health/fitness, medical, gaming, and online virtual worlds applications.

TOPCON Corp. (Japan) is a world leader in positioning equipment and eye care instruments. At the exhibition, TOPCON will demonstrate a 3D body scanning system based on photogrammetric techniques, with instant data acquisition and ability to acquire surface and texture.     Nihon Unisys Ltd. (Japan) will demonstrate at the exhibition an interactive solution which allows to visualize and simulate the personal 3D body figure, without the need of 3D body scanners, by providing three sizes, height, weight and age.

VITRONIC GmbH (Germany), a world leading organizations in the field of machine vision, is developer and manufacturer of body scanning systems employed by Human-Solutions. At the exhibition, VITRONIC will demonstrate its 3D full body scanner VITUS.     Pantomat Ltd. (Hungary) offers low cost 3D scanning systems based on passive stereo-photogrammetry. Mr. Lóránt Szabó, CEO and founder of Pantomat, will held a presentation at the workshop.


Different sponsorship packages will be available at the workshop.
Through sponsorship you will be able to:

Raise awareness of your products and services through direct access to professionals active in the specific sector of 3D body scanning in Asia.

Demonstrate your latest software and hardware at the workshop exhibition space.

Network, build relationships and exchange ideas with manufacturers, users, developers and researchers from Asia and around the world.

Access delegates through the website during the build-up to the workshop

The sponsorship opportunities at the workshop are very appealing and affordable.
Please download the description of workshop sponsorship levels and benefits (pdf file) or contact the workshop office for details and further inquiries.

For registering as sponsor at the workshop please download the sponsorship registration form 3dbody2011asia_sponsorship_form.doc, fill it and send it to the workshop office.

Asian Workshop on 3D BODY SCANNING TECHNOLOGIES, Tokyo, Japan, 19-20 April 2011