Next event: 3DBODY.TECH 2021, Lugano, Switzerland, 19-20 Oct. 2021

Workshop topics

The technical program will consist of oral presentations, poster presentations and live demonstrations in, but not limited to, the following technical areas:

- Active 3D body scanning technologies (laser scanning, white-light scanning)

- Passive scanning methods (photogrammetry, visual-hull)

- Portable and hand-held scanning devices

- Body scanning systems for the apparel and fashion sector

- Applications in medical sciences (forensics, plastic surgery, dentistry)

- Custom footwear and orthopedics

- Anthropometric studies , measurement campaigns, fitting mannequins

- Biometrics and applications in security

- Applications in sport, health and fitness

- Human body modeling, animation and simulation

- Virtual life, games and entertainment

- 3D body scanning for arts and sculpture

Technical program

The program of the workshop consists, during two full days, of an opening session, seven technical sessions and a closing session with discussion.

The opening session includes the welcome speeches of the organizer Hometrica Consulting (Switzerland) and from the hosting institute, the Digital Human Research Center (Japan).

The rest of the presentations are divided into seven technical sessions covering the various relevant sectors of 3D body scanning and a poster session. The closing session is planned with a discussion on validation methods of 3D body scanners.

A parallel exhibition allows manufacturers of scanning equipment to demonstrate live their products to all participants.

Coffee breaks, lunch breaks and a buffet dinner party are planned in order to increase the possibilities for building relationships and exchanging ideas between the authors, attendees and exhibitors.

The program of the workshop is available as PDF file.

Workshop Program

Note: the program and schedule of the workshop can be subject of changes until few days before the begin.

Workshop Highlights

Invited Speaker: Ms. Daisy Veitch, founder and CEO of SHARP Dummies (Australia)

Disney Research

SHARP Dummies was founded in Adelaide in 1999 by Ms Daisy Veitch, winner of the Australian Wool Corporation's Young Designer of the Year Award and the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Award for Young Australians. Her experiences include all stages of garment production - from design to the finished product.
Along with running SHARP Dummies, Daisy is involved in a variety of projects, including lecturing in anthropometry and industrial design at the University of South Australia; consulting to Flinders Medical Centre; and guest lecturing and speaking to various charities. Daisy has also been engaged by the Australian government to write a report on the use of anthropometry by designers in the Australian workplace.
The workshop program features three presentations of Ms. Daisy Veitch with different topics related to medical applications, anthropometry and apparel.

Closing Session: moderated by Dr. Masaaki Mochimaru, director of DHRC-AIST (Japan)

Disney Research

The workshop concludes with a discussion on Standards for Validation Methods of 3D Body Scanners. The discussion during the closing session is moderated by Dr. Masaaki Mochimaru, deputy director of the Digital Human Research Center (DHRC) of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and chairman of the ISO Technical Commission TC159/SC3 on Ergonomics-Anthropometry and biomechanics.

Parallel technical exhibition

Technical Exhibition
In the parallel technical exhibition, seven manufacturers and resellers of equipment demonstrate live their 3D body scanning systems and software solutions.
Different scanning technologies are represented: laser scanning, white light scanning, real-time scanning, etc.
Different systems will be shown: full body scanners, foot scanners, modular scanning systems, hand-held scanners and software solutions.
The attendees will have to possibility to test live the systems and to meet and discuss directly with the manufacturers and resellers.

International premieres

Worldwide public demonstration debut of the new low cost full body scanner KX-16 of [TC]²

TC2 KX-16

[TC]² (USA) announced on February 29th the availability of its next generation full body scanner, the KX-16. It is a significant day in the history of 3D body scanning as the $10,000 price point is broken for the first time with a full body coverage, full featured, changing-room sized, color commercial body scanning product with worldwide availability. The KX-16 leverages the emergence of low cost 3D scanning sensors, like the Microsoft XBOX Kinect sensor which utilizes technology from Primesense Corporation.
Its worldwide public demonstration debut will take place at the exhibition of the Asian Workshop on 3D body scanning technologies.

VITRONIC presents the VITUS 3D Body Scanner in Japan - A precise 3D image in just 12 seconds

Vitronic VITUS

Reliable and highly accurate raw data is needed to use 3D images of a person or object, for example for body measurement. The VITUSsmart body scanner from VITRONIC generates an accurate 3D image during a scan of only 12 seconds. The VITUSsmart body scanner is used for manufacturing tailor-made garments, collectinge anthropometric data for medicine and orthopedics, assessing occupational groups and in support and training for athletes, as well as providing raw data for virtual reality projects. This broad application spectrum is made possible by the scanner's high accuracy, proven in studies, and its performance.
VITRONIC will present the VITUSsmart body scanner at the Asian Workshop on 3D Body Scanning Technologies.


The proceedings of the workshop are available as hard copy (172 pages) and/or cd-rom.
The contents of the proceedings can be downloaded as PDF file.
The cost of the proceedings is 80CHF.
For orders, please contact the workshop office.



The following institutions, universities, private companies and organizations are participating actively at the workshop with presentations:

Digital Human Research Center (Japan)



Seoul National University (Korea)

Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain)

Health Science University (Japan)

Iowa State University

Nippon Sport Science University (Japan)

Hamamatsu Photonics (Japan)


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong)


Sochoow University

I-Net Corp.

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan)

Nihon Unisys

Kyoto Women's University (Japan)

Topcon Corp.

Hometrica Consulting (Switzerland)


incognito ballistic

Nomo Jeans Corp.

RMIT University

Council of Textiles and Fashion Industries of Australia

Automotive Research Association of India



Keio University

College of Engineering Pune (India)

Beihang University

University of Science and Technology Beijing (China)

China National Institute of Standardization (China)

Human Solutions

SHARP Dummies

Fliders Medical Centre (Australia)

headus (metamorphosis) (Australia)


I-Ware Laboratory


Unique Solutions
Asian Workshop on 3D BODY SCANNING TECHNOLOGIES, Tokyo, Japan, 17-18 April 2012