Exhibitors and Sponsors

The technical exhibition takes place in parallel to the conference and is accessible to attendees and participants of the conference.

Manufacturers, developers and institutions demonstrate live 3D/4D body scanning systems, software solutions and applications. The visitors of the exhibition have the possibility to test live the systems and to meet and discuss directly with the exhibitors.

All exhibitors will also have virtual booths on the online conference platform. Online attendees will be able to see live demonstrations directly from the onsite exhibition and will be able to discuss directly with the exhibitors within the platform (via live chats or video calls).

Please note that external visitors are not allowed to access the exhibition, registration is required. Information about registration and fees is available here.


The following companies and organizations are participanting at the onsite and/or online technical exhibition of the conference.

Note: list of so-far confirmed exhibitors and sponsors, updated continously.

GOLD Exhibitors


Size Stream (USA) is a leader in 3D body scanning technology located in the renowned Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Founded in 2012, Size Stream is a wholly owned subsidiary of TAL Group. Apart from innovation in the 3D industry, the company focuses on providing services to several markets including apparel, weight-loss, and uniforms, covering a worldwide network of customers. EveryBODY connected.



For 20-plus years, 3dMD (USA) has enabled its worldwide customer community to successfully Train AI, Wear Tech, and Image Health. With a proven clinical background, 3dMD offers industrial-strength temporal-3D (4D-motion) dense-surface camera systems for human subject input applications demanding 'near ground truth' 3D shape accuracy including healthcare, Computer Vision, AI, ML, humanoid robotics, wearable-tech, human factors, AR/VR/XR, etc.



The Instituto de Biomecánica IBV (Spain) supports innovative business models and research based on user anthropometry, by using advanced 3D data treatment tools (accurate and automated creation of 3D body avatars from 3D raw scans, 2D pictures or 1D measurements; 3D databases harmonisation tools, virtual measuring tape or shape analysis tools), smartphone 3D scanning technologies, and breakthrough 4D scanning technology.



Aura, part of Hexagon (Switzerland), delivers a new, powerful, yet simple photo-realistic facial imaging system by leveraging Hexagon's expertise in sensors and software that capture our world in 3D with trusted, proven precision. The Aura 3D Imaging System transforms data into insights and provides the aesthetic industry with advanced reality capture and analysis that delivers photo-realistic 3D digital twins, creating a shared visual language for patients and practitioners.


SILVER Exhibitors

Humanetics Digital Europe

Humanetics Digital Europe (Germany), part of the Humanetics Group, places the human being at the core of product development with its unparalleled body dimension database, containing scans of approximately 100,000 individuals. The company excels in body scanning and conducts extensive measurement surveys. Based in Kaiserslautern, the team specializes in making size, fit, and ergonomics measurable for various industries.



The IEEE-SA (USA) is a leading consensus building organization that nurtures, develops and advances global technologies. IEEE standards drive the functionality, capabilities and interoperability of a wide range of products and services that transform the way people live, work and communicate, including IEEE's Industry Connections program on 3D Body Processing.



Astrivis Technologies (Switzerland) specializes in mobile 3D body scanning solutions for both iOS and Android devices. The solution turns any mobile device into a 3D scanner without requiring additional hardware, providing real-time feedback of the scanned model. Users can conduct rapid and accurate 3D scans of different body parts such as face, legs, feet, etc., and extract measurements or calculate volume for a wide range of portable application scenarios.



TG3D Studio (Taiwan) provides all-inclusive and revolutionary 3D fashion technologies, including 3D body scanner, fabric scanner, and fashion design software, enabling fashion brands, suppliers, and manufacturers to seamlessly design and produce apparel tailored to the unique preferences of their target customers, and allowing to operate in a more sustainable and economical way.



Bodidata (USA) solves the complex problem of size-matching for uniform and ready-to-wear brands with its unique Measure.Match.Manage solution. Bodidata's patented Kora 3D Body Scanner is the only handheld scanner that measures the surface of an individual's body wearing normal street clothing. Companies using Bodidata's solution replace manual, error-prone size determination processes with technology that significantly reduces returns and reverse logistics costs.



With 20 years' experience in the field of body scanning, VITRONIC (Germany) is among the pioneers of fast, automatic 3D measuring of the human body. The new 3D body scanner VITUS BODYSCAN can take high-precision body measurements in a scanning process of just a few seconds. The system generates a three-dimensional image with color texture of the human body. The quality of 3D readings taken satisfies scientifically verifiable quality criteria.


BRONZE Exhibitors & Sponsors

Emergent Vision Technologies

Emergent Vision Technologies (Germany/Canada) celebrates 16 years since it began its journey as the leading high-speed imaging camera manufacturer in 2007. In its history, the company has seen its 10GigE, 25GigE, 50GigE, and 100GigE cameras deployed into innovative, disparate applications, including machine vision inspection, sports technology, broadcasting, volumetric capture and the metaverse, intelligent transportation, virtual reality, augmented reality, and life sciences.


Information for exhibitors and sponsors

The conference with its parallel exhibition is the world leading technical platform dedicated to the specific fields of 3D & 4D human body scanning, measurement and processing technologies, methods and applications. Private corporations and organizations, research and educational institutions, individuals firms are welcomed to participate at the technical exhibition or to become sponsors of the conference.

Four reasons to participate at the exhibition or to become sponsor:

  • Raise awareness of your products and services through direct access to professionals active in the specific sector of 3D/4D body scanning & processing.
  • Create and enhance successful business opportunities by meeting colleagues, users, developers, researchers, experts, industry players and decision makers from around the world.
  • Get updated with the latest research and industry developments in the sector in order to adapt your marketing strategies.
  • Ensure the presence of your company at an international event with a significant annual contribution to the enhanced growth of this sector.


  • World's largest meeting entirely dedicated to 3D & 4D body scanning and processing technologies
  • International and multidisciplinary conference and exhibition with focus on various application sectors
  • Hybrid event with conference & expo taking place onsite and dedicated online conference platform
  • Onsite and online networking opportunities between all onsite and online attendees, speakers, exhibitors
  • 1 plenary session, 14 technical sessions in dual track, 1 panel discussion, with over 80 presentations
  • Live streaming of all sessions on the online conference platform and 24h access of all recorded contents
  • Onsite exhibition of equipment and solutions on 500sqm (5400sqft) with 25-30 exhibitors
  • Live streaming on the online conference platform of demonstrations and presentations from exhibitors
  • Over 250 expected international onsite and online participants at the conference and exhibition
  • Strong international character with onsite and online participants from all over the world
  • Access to the online conference platform and all its contents during and 30 days after the conference
  • Conference proceedings with ISBN in digital form including papers with DOIs, abstracts and presentation videos

Levels and benefits for exhibitors

The different levels are summarized below. They are described in details in the document 3dbody2024_exhib.pdf and in the exhibitor registration form.

The following levels are available for exhibitors:

GOLD exhibitor:

  • ideal for manufacturers exhibiting large equipment (e.g. 3D full body scanner)
  • 9m²=3x3m (100ft²=10x10ft) exhibition space (larger exhibition space possible)
  • tables, chairs, electric plug, WiFi (additional infrastructure possible)
  • 3 onsite and 1 online registrations/participants (additional registrations possible)
  • multiple presentations at the technical sessions
  • short presentation at the opening session
  • live demonstration streamed and recorded
  • virtual exhibition booth on the online conference platform
  • logo, link and short description on conference website and program
  • 3200 CHF basic fees (with the above listed features)

SILVER exhibitor:

  • ideal for manufacturers exhibiting portable/desktop equipment or for providers of solutions and systems
  • 4m²=2x2m (42ft²=6.5x6.5ft) exhibition space (larger exhibition space possible)
  • 1 table, 2 chairs, electric plug, WiFi (additional infrastructure possible)
  • 2 onsite and 1 online registrations/participants (additional registrations possible)
  • 1 presentation at the technical sessions
  • short presentation at the opening session
  • live demonstration streamed and recorded
  • virtual exhibition booth on the online conference platform
  • logo, link and short description on conference website and program
  • 2000 CHF basic fees (with the above listed features)

BRONZE exhibitor:

  • ideal for small firms demonstrating solutions or portable 3D body scanning equipment
  • 2m²=2x1m (21ft²=6.5x3.3ft) exhibition space (larger exhibition space possible)
  • 1 table, 2 chairs, electric plug, WiFi (additional infrastructure possible)
  • 1 onsite and 1 online registration/participant (additional registrations possible)
  • 1 presentation at the technical sessions
  • live demonstration streamed and recorded (upon availability)
  • virtual exhibition booth on the online conference platform
  • logo, link and short description on conference website and program
  • 1000 CHF basic fees (with the above listed features)

VIRTUAL exhibitor:

  • ideal for manufacturers or solution providers not participating onsite at the conference & expo
  • 1 online registration/participant (additional registrations possible)
  • 1 (online) presentation at the technical sessions
  • virtual exhibition booth on the online conference platform
  • logo, link and short description on conference website and program
  • 800 CHF basic fees (with the above listed features)


  • The prices are indicated in Swiss Francs (CHF) and are inclusive of taxes when/if applicable.
  • The different levels and benefits are described in details in the following document: 3dbody2024_exhib.pdf.
  • All the participants of exhibitors have to be registered. All exhibitors packages includes a number of registrations/participants. Additional registrations/participants can be added as option.
  • Onsite registrations give access to all sessions, the exhibition, the online conference platform with all its contents (during and 30 days after the conference), the conference proceedings and include coffee brakes and lunches.
  • Online registrations give access only to the online conference platform with all its contents (during and 30 days after the conference) and to the conference proceedings.

Registration as exhibitor

For registering as exhibitor, please download the exhibitor registration form:

Please send the filled form by e-mail to the conference office: info@3dbody.tech.

Note: anti-spam filters are sometimes rejecting legitimate e-mails. If we do not reply within 3 business days or if you receive a delivery failure notice, please use our alternative e-mail address: 3dbodytech@gmail.com.

Modification / cancellation / refund policies:

Upgrades and modifications:
Upgrades of exhibitor levels and modifications of confirmed details (e.g. names of participants) are possible without limitations and without administration charges/fees.
However, depending on the case, it may happen that some desired modifications will not the possible.

Cancellations received before 15 July 2024 will receive the refund of 75% of the paid fees.
Cancellations received until 15 August 2024 will receive the refund of 50% of the paid fees.
Cancellations received until 15 September 2024 will receive the refund of 25% of the paid fees.
No refunds will be made for cancellations received after 15 September 2024.
Refunds will be made by bank wire transfer in CHF, refunds directly on credit cards will not be possible.

Instructions and information for exhibitors

Please download the following document with information and details for exhibitors:
3dbody2024_instructionsforexhibitors.pdf (PDF)

For VIRTUAL exhibitors, please download the following additional document:
3dbody2024_instructionsforvirtualexhibitors.pdf (PDF)

Guidelines for presentations: authors page

Audio/video consent and release form

Presentations at the conference will be streamed, recorded and stored. Presenters/speakers and exhibitors have therefore to submit a signed consent and release form.
Please download the form 3dbody2024_consentform.pdf (PDF), fill it, sign it and send it to the conference office at info@3dbody.tech.

Additional documentation

Call for registrations and exhibitors: 3dbody2024_callforregistrations.pdf.
List of attendees of last year, 3DBODY.TECH2023: attendees 2023.

Visual documentation:
3DBODY.TECH 2023 - Video: 4 min. video
3DBODY.TECH 2022 - Video: 4 min. video
3DBODY.TECH 2021 - Video: 2 min. video
3DBODY.TECH 2019 - Video: 2 min. video

ATA Carnet

We suggest all exhibitors to apply for a Carnet. The ATA Carnet is an international customs and temporary export-import document. It is used to clear customs in 86 countries and territories without paying duties and import taxes on merchandise that will be re-exported within 12 months.
More information for exhibitors based in the U.S.: ATA Carnet.

VISA Information

Switzerland is an associated member state of the Schengen agreement and hence part of the Schengen area. Foreign nationals who wish to enter Switzerland must in any case be in possession of a valid travel document recognized by the Swiss authorities. For some countries visas may be required. For more information, check with the Swiss embassy/consulate of your country or visit the web page of the Swiss Federal Office for Migration: www.sem.admin.ch.

Participants requiring a formal letter of invitation to enable them to make their arrangements to participate at the conference should contact the conference office.

Important notes:

  • We will provide formal letters of invitation uniquely to registered participants.
  • This letter cannot be regarded as a commitment regarding scheduling or financial support from the organizers.
  • The deadline for requesting a formal invitation letter is 15 September 2024.

Exhibitor warning - Hotel SCAM/Fraud Alert

WARNING regarding unauthorized contacts by companies offering to book your hotel reservations.
Exhibitors have received emails or calls that pretend to be from official housing companies for the 3DBODY.TECH Conference & Expo. Some of these unauthorized companies, such as Expo Housing Services (EHS), Convention Expo Travel, Book My Rooms, claims to be a partner of us or to be our official housing company. To be clear, these companies and others are NOT IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH US and are not authorized to use our name in any solicitations.
For your own protection, please DO NOT make reservations through any unknown housing or travel company or anyone claiming to book hotel rooms or travel on behalf of 3DBODY.TECH Conference & Expo.

For details and further inquiries, please contact the conference office.

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