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The technical exhibition takes place in parallel to the conference and is accessible to attendees and participants of the conference.

Manufacturers, developers and institutions demonstrate live 3D body scanning systems, software solutions and applications. The visitors of the exhibition have the possibility to test live the systems and to meet and discuss directly with the exhibitors.

Please note that external visitors are not allowed to access the exhibition, registration is required. Information about registration and fees is available here.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

The following companies and organizations are participanting at the technical exhibition of the conference.

Size Stream
Size Stream (USA) is focused on 3D color body scanning, 4D scanning and all related applications requiring high performance, high automation and cost effective solutions. Size Stream products are widely used for research, size prediction and custom fit specification of clothing, body measurement for health and fitness applications and color 3D printing applications.     Bespokify (Singapore) generates bespoke apparel patterns in seconds, no matter the body type or product design. Bespokify's API fully automates custom pattern creation from 3D body scans or hand measurements, which can be cut straight to fabric within seconds of an order being placed.

Anatomi Metrix - Manu3
Anatomi Metrix (Canada) is focused on the development of technologies, devices and protocols dedicated to the anatomical measurements and evaluation of conditions of the human hand. Manu3 is a touch-less portable desktop device to measure the dimensions of the hand and fingers in terms of lengths and circumferences.     The Institute of Biomechanics IBV (Spain) offers novel 3D data treatment tools (automated avatar creation, 3D databases harmonization, shape analysis, virtual tape measurement) and smartphone 3D scanning technologies to support innovative business models based on user anthropometry.
Shape Analysis
Shape Analysis (UK) is the European distributor for Size Stream and Space Vision scanners and the worldwide exclusive distributor for CAESAR survey data. Services of Shape Analysis have been used for the national sizing surveys SizeUK, SizeGB and for many other companies involved in fashion, health, fitness, sportswear, medicine.     Styku (USA) is an innovative 3D body scanner that captures a person's true shape, renders an exact 3D model of that shape and extracts hundreds of precise body measurements within seconds using the world's most powerful 3D camera. Styku's digital technology has been proven to increase ROI in a range of industries including fitness, wellness, and fashion. A truly unique and effective way to extract body data.

Human Solutions
Human Solutions (Germany) is a world market leader for body scanning and ergonomics simulation. Systems from Human Solutions are used by more than 300 companies worldwide. 3D body scanning by Human Solutions offers highly accurate method of measurement and allows the integration of size & fit data into various processes at the same time.     With 20 years of experience in the field of body scanning, VITRONIC (Germany) is among the pioneers of fast, automatic 3D measuring of the human body. VITUS body scanners are used around the world for customized clothing, standardization, ergonomics, orthopedics, sports medicine, and printing of 3D figurines.

3dMD (USA/UK), a proven leader in 3D high-precision anatomical scanning, will be demonstrating workflow efficiencies with its latest temporal-3D (4D) capture systems. 3dMD sequences of high-quality motion images of the full body, head, foot, and/or hand help promote and advance the creation of new wearable technologies that precisely adapt to a person's shape and enhance performance.     botspot (Germany) produces and develops lighning-fast scanning-technology. The botscan 3D full body scanner generates pin-sharp scans and depicts even the tiniest details in the shortest time of less than 1/100th of a second. The modular construction of the scanner allows its adaption to any size, need and application.

The IEEE-SA (USA) is a leading consensus building organization that nurtures, develops and advances global technologies. IEEE standards drive the functionality, capabilities and interoperability of a wide range of products and services that transform the way people live, work and communicate, including IEEE's Industry Connections program on 3D Body Processing.     Elasizer (Russia) offers an easy 3D body scanning technology based on a special elastic measuring suit - A compromise between expensive measuring rigs and low cost methods. This solution allows new ways to make a tailor and a customer closer to each other.

TechMed 3D (Canada) is specialized in body measurement technologies and digital imaging solutions adapted to the orthotics, prosthetics and custom equipment market. 3D surface imaging devices and application software will be demonstrated at the exhibition.    


The following companies and organizations are sponsoring the conference.

PLE Pixel Light Effects
    ESUNG 3D+
Pixel Light Effects (Canada/China), based in Vancouver and Beijing, is specialized in 3D scanning for visual effects. Services include digitaldouble, prop and environment 3D scanning. The truck'mounted mobile system offers services at client's location and instant capture. PLE also provides customized hardware and software solutions.     ESUN 3D+ is affiliated to Shenzhen ESUN Display (China). ESUN 3D+ has developed many market-oriented 3D equipment, including 3D full body scanner, 3D head&face scanner, 3D photo booth, etc. Combined with self-developed post-processing software, ESUN 3D+ systems can easily fit in various application areas, including VR E-commerce, tailored clothing, 3D printed figurine, product design.
Hometrica Consulting - Dr. Nicola D'Apuzzo
Hometrica Consulting - Dr. Nicola D'Apuzzo (Switzerland) is organizing the series of 3DBST conferences and exhibitions. Hometrica Consulting is a leading international consulting firm in the sectors of 3D human body scanning technologies.     3DBodyCloud (Belgium) is a software company that offers cloud services for processing 3D full body scans. 3DBodyCloud's API supports back offices by offering automated processing pipelines to turn raw 3D scans into producible and/or publishable results, such as 3D printed figurines, 2.5D products, rigged models and animation videos.

Information for exhibitors and sponsors

The conference with its parallel exhibition is the world leading technical platform dedicated to the specific fields of 3D human body scanning, measurement and processing technologies, methods and applications. Private corporations and organizations, research and educational institutions, individuals firms are welcomed to participate at the technical exhibition or to become sponsors of the conference.

Four good reasons to join the exhibition or to become sponsor:

Raise awareness of your products and services through direct access to professionals active in the specific sector of 3D body scanning & processing.

Create and enhance successful business opportunities by meeting colleagues, users, developers, researchers, experts, industry players and decision makers from around the world.

Get updated with the latest research and industry developments in the sector in order to adapt your marketing strategies.

Ensure the presence of your company at an international event with a significant annual contribution to the enhanced growth of this sector.

Profile of the conference and exhibition: 3dbody2017_profile.pdf.
Call for sponsors and exhibitors: 3dbody2017_callforexhibitors.pdf.

Levels and benefits for sponsors/exhibitors

Three different packages are available for sponsors and/or exhibitors: GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE.
The three levels and benefits are described in the following document:

For registering as exhibitor and/or sponsor at the conference please download the sponsor/exhibitor registration form: 3dbody2017_exsp_form.doc.
Please send the filled form by e-mail to the conference office: info@3dbody.tech.
You will then receive an invoice with details for the payment of the total fees.

Additional documentation:
Call for sponsors and exhibitors: callforexhibitors.pdf (PDF, 1.3MB).
Profile of the conference and exhibition: profile (PDF, 1.9MB).

For details and further inquiries, please contact the conference office.

ATA Carnet

We suggest all exhibitors to apply for a Carnet. The ATA Carnet is an international customs and temporary export-import document. It is used to clear customs in 86 countries and territories without paying duties and import taxes on merchandise that will be re-exported within 12 months.
More information for exhibitors based in the U.S.: ATA Carnet.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and VISA Information

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Exhibitor warning - Hotel SCAM/Fraud Alert

WARNING regarding unauthorized contacts by companies offering to book your hotel reservations.
Exhibitors have received emails or calls that pretend to be from official housing companies for the 3DBODY.TECH Conference & Expo. Some of these unauthorized companies, such as Expo Housing Services (EHS), Convention Expo Travel, Book My Rooms, claims to be a partner of us or to be our official housing company. To be clear, these companies and others are NOT IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH US and are not authorized to use our name in any solicitations.
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3DBODY.TECH 2017 - 8th International Conference & Exhibition on 3D Body Scanning & Processing Technologies, Montréal QC, Canada, 11-12 Oct. 2017